Bedrock & Soil Sampling

Drilling Engineers provides soil and bedrock sampling for a complete range of lithographies. The company’s Geoprobe 7822DT drilling rig provides direct-push capabilities in unconsolidated and semi-consolidated subsurfaces. In semi-consolidated and consolidated lithographies, the company can deploy its CME-55s and CME-75s for auger and rotary drilling.


The company’s sampling equipment includes:

  • Geoprobe Dual Tube Samplers—in 2.25” and 3.25” diameters
  • Geoprobe Macrocore Sampler—2.25” diameters
  • CME Continuous Sampling System
  • Hydropunch Sampling System
  • Heavy-duty Lnyac Split-spoon Sampling System
  • Shelby tubes
  • California Barrels, both standard and modified
  • Giddings Samplers, both standard and modified
drill rig working in foothills
drill rig working in the snow
drill rig in narrow gap
Key Projects
Drilling Engineers maintains an extensive list of key projects. Below are a few highlights from that list.

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