Direct Push Drilling

Drilling Engineers’ Geoprobe 7822DT drilling rig provides the company with robust direct-push drilling capabilities. Work crews can mount the direct-push rig with a wide variety of sampling equipment: Geoprobe’s Dual Tube Sampler (in both 2.25 and 3.25 inch diameters), Geoprobe’s Macro Core Sampler, Heavy-Duty Lnyac Split Spoon Samplers, Shelby Tubes and California Barrels (both standard and modified).

How It Works

Direct-push drilling creates a borehole by hammering, not rotating, the drill string into the subsurface. While the technology works only in unconsolidated formations, it is an effective means for sampling soil, groundwater and soil gas. It is also capable of installing groundwater monitoring wells and performing cone and soil penetration tests.

geoprobe drilling by lake
geoprobe working in bus station
geoprobe drilling

Direct-Push Advantage

Direct-push drilling offers several advantages over other drilling methods. It can be cheaper and quicker to deploy than more conventional drilling technologies. The technology generates cleaner samples more frequently, and on-board equipment provides in-situ monitoring of these samples. Direct-push rigs drill smaller diameter boreholes and that minimizes disruption to the surface and subsurface of the drill site. The direct-push process also reduces the expense of disposal since it does not generate cuttings and does not require water or mud as a flushing medium.

By contrast, auger drilling takes more time to set up and provides few opportunities to sample the subsurface. Field crews have to carry these samples to a lab for testing. It creates boreholes with larger diameters and produces a significant amount of cuttings.

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