Environmental Drilling & Sampling

Drilling Engineers fields a complete array of equipment to handle a wide range of environmental investigations, including soil gas sampling and monitoring well installation. The company’s drilling rigs—a Geoprobe 7822DT, three CME-75s and two CME-55s—enable the company to equip its field crews with the exact mix of drilling rigs and sampling equipment required for each new work plan.


The company’s sampling equipment includes:

  • Geoprobe Dual Tube Samplers—in 2.25” and 3.25” tooling
  • CME Continuous Sampling (split) Barrels
  • Lnyac Split-spoon Sampling
drill rig in action on wid farm
drillers setting up
drillers working geoprobe
Key Projects
Drilling Engineers maintains an extensive list of key projects. Below are a few highlights from that list.

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